Gamification – MaRS 3ºESO

Welcome to MARS! 

MARS is a new company that solves different types of problems related to real life. In this new job you will work on your skills and win experience. Your hard work will be rewarded!

First situation: The life of Numericus

Numericus lives in Almería and he works at a fuel station. He is very curious, he likes to read and see documentaries. This morning while he was having breakfast, he read the following article:



Numericus begins to work at nine o’clock. It takes him twenty minutes to get from home to the station. He has breakfast in fifteen minutes. It takes him thirty minutes to walk the dog. And he spends ten minutes in the bathroom. At what time does he have to wake up to get on time?

Numericus lives on the fourth floor. This morning when he got in the elevator something went wrong and he first went up three floors to the last one. Then he went down five floors, up three, seven down and finally he went up two floors. How many floors does the building have?

Numericus arrives at work a little late because of the elevator ride. At noon the system breaks. The boss says they can not close the station so he must do all the calculations by hand. Look at the price table and help Numericus to find how much each client must pay.

Client 1: 54 liters of petrol + water   

Client 2: 15 liters of diesel + Sandwich + chips

Client 3: 50€ of petrol + coffee   

Client 4: 20€ of diesel + bread

Before his shift ends a new customer arrives.

Client: Good afternoon, I would like to fill the tank with 43 liters of petrol

Numericus: Anything else?

Client: yes, I would like water, tuna Sandwich and chips, but I only have 60€.

Numericus: Ok. All it would be …

How much does this customer must pay? Does he have enough money? There would be some money left? 

It is your turn now. Invent a problem involving natural or whole numbers in daily life. Then solve it following all the steps.

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