Christmas at Number City

Number City is preparing for Christmas. The mayor, Number Zero, wants to decorate the houses for the holidays. There are fifty seven thousand two hundred ninety one houses in the city. A third of the houses will be decorated with colored lights, a Merry Christmas sign and small snowmen, as in the picture.

Complete the invoice below:

Solve the clues and find the correct letter to each number

At the bakery each pie costs 13€. If I spent 52€, how many pies have I bought?

Find a number that it is even, it can be divided by 3 and by 5.

3 · (4 – 3 · 1) – 7 + 12 : 4 – 2 · (8 : 2 – 5) + 1

At the first stop five people get on the bus. At the second stop, three get off the bus and five get on. At the third stop, two people get on the bus and four get off. At the fourth stop, one person gets off and three get on. At the fifth stop, three people get on and five get off. How many people arrive at the sixth stop?

Calculate the least common multiple (mcm) and the greatest common divisor (mcd) of twelve and fifteen. Then calculate

LCM : GCD – 4 · GCD

You can download the exercises in a pdf

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