Four-step process for problem solving

Step 1: Read the problem carefully. List the data. What do I need to find out?

Step 2: Choose your strategy. How can I answer all the questions asked? Which operations do I need to do? Can I divide the problem into smaller ones?

Step 3: Follow your plan. Solve the problem. Do all the calculations. Answer all the questions.

Step 4: Go back. Check your operations. Ask yourself if the number that you have found has a meaning. Does the number answer the question? Does it have the right units? If so, write a complete answer for all the questions.

Problem 1: A book store has 134 books. Today they sold 75 books during the morning. At noon a new shipment arrives with 53 new books. How many books do they have now? Before closing a new income arrives by email. Someone in Granada wants 54 math books. If a box can contain 6 books, how many boxes do they need?

Problem 2: A recipe for pizza says that with one kilogram of flour I can make 4 pizzas. If I want to cook 14 pizzas, how much flour do I need to use?

Problem 3: At the mall the last Mphone cost 178€. I wait till the sales and now it cost 45% less. How much do I pay?

ADDITIONJoin, Add, Increase, More, Plus, All together
SUBTRACTIONMinus, Left, Decrease, Difference
MULTIPLICATIONTimes, Product, Groups, Area, The total value
DIVISIONSplit, Share, Divide, Equal groups

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