Unit 5 – Decimal Numbers

Place Value

Decimal numbers such as 3.762 are used in situations which call for more precision than whole numbers provide.

As with whole numbers, a digit in a decimal number has a value which depends on the place of the digit. The places to the left of the decimal coma are ones, tens, hundreds, and so on, just as with whole numbers. This table shows the decimal place value for various positions:

Units, tenths hundredths thousandths

Exercise 1: Identify the position of seven in the following numbers

How do we read a decimal number?

3,45 : “Three units and forty five hundredths”

0,1: “One tenth”

2,107: “Two units and one hundred and seven thousandths”

Exercise 2: Join the two columns

Exercise 3: Complete the gaps with units, tenths, hundredths, thousandths.

Exercise 4: Crossnumber

Word problems

You can download the exercises as a pdf

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You can download the exercises as a pdf


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