A new car

  1. Numericus wants to buy a new car. He is looking at a web site that values different types of cars.

 If you have to choose one, which one will you buy and why? 

2. Numericus decided to buy an electric car. Look at the valuations that the drivers had made of six different brands of cars concerning the driving. Indicate the intersection and union of the intervals.

3. To buy the car Numericus has been doing the accounts

  • The first payment is 5.386,22€
  • There are 37 payments of 213€. The bank offers a finance at a simple interest of 0,5% . 
  • The last payment is 19.424,04€
  • How much does the car cost?
  • Numericus has 2.500€ on an account that gives him 1,7% compound interest. Will he have enough money for the last payment after 37 months?


A new car

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