Chinese number system

The Chinese number system, also known as the rod system, consists of these symbols for the numbers 1 to 9.

As the image shows, each symbol has a horizontal representation (hengs) and a vertical representation (tsungs). This is because depending on the position of the symbol in the number they were written horizontally or vertically. Thus, if 1 occupies the place of the units, hundreds or tens of thousands, it was written vertically. And if it occupied the place of tens or thousands, it was written horizontally. To symbolize zero, they left a blank space or wrote a circle.

Examples: The positive numbers were written in red. Look at the number 231 and 5089. The negative numbers were written in black.

Activity 1: Write the following numbers in our number system

Check your answers

Activity 2: Write the following numbers in the Chinese system.

a) 45

b) 126

c) 3.405

d) 20.381

Check your answers

Activity 3: Write the date of your birthday (day/month/year) in the Chinese system.

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