Proportions and percents – 3ºESO

Proportions The number of breads and the price we pay are in a direct proportion (more bread more money) Complete the gaps The number of workers and the time they spend in constructing something are in an inverse proportion (more workers less time) Complete the gaps Exercise 1: Decide if the following magnitudes are inSigue leyendo «Proportions and percents – 3ºESO»

Project Problem Solving

With this project we will improve our skill in problem solving in different contexts. Since the beginning of civilization, humans had used numbers (and later math) to solve daily problems. Task 1: Beginnings of math Activity 1: Read the text and answer the questions. The idea of ​​number already existed among the first human settlers.Sigue leyendo «Project Problem Solving»

A new car

 If you have to choose one, which one will you buy and why?  2. Numericus decided to buy an electric car. Look at the valuations that the drivers had made of six different brands of cars concerning the driving. Indicate the intersection and union of the intervals. 3. To buy the car Numericus has beenSigue leyendo «A new car»

Pi-Sweet: A new bakery – Fractions

There is a new bakery in the neighborhood. They have the following offers to welcome the customers: Activity 1: How much will I pay for: a) Two breads. b) One bread and a pie. c) Four muffins and a croissant. d) A pie and a croissant. e) Four muffins and one bread. Activity 2: WeSigue leyendo «Pi-Sweet: A new bakery – Fractions»

Unit 6 – Algebra

Algebraic language We use the algebraic language to translate common situations into math expressions. The first thing we have to do is to learn the basic expressions of this new language. Exercise 1: Keywords in algebra. Complete the table Exercise 2: Join each sentence with its expression Exercise 3: Crossword Exercise 4: Find out theSigue leyendo «Unit 6 – Algebra»

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